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Woman after varicose vein recovery

A puddle of tears, I arrived in Dr. Spencer’s office. Not feeling hopeful, but determined. I knew I needed medical care. Traumatized by a system of medicine that undervalues women and their pain, feeling like a medical record transferred from doctor to doctor only to have my story written off as unusual and complex. I was too much and not enough all at the same time.

I started wearing compression stockings eight years ago during the pregnancy of my first child. Varicose veins appeared high on my right inner thigh, and I struggled to manage swelling in my legs. A complication of pregnancy, I was told.

Fortunate to be pregnant with a second child four years later, the leg swelling and varicose veins returned with vengeance. And this time, pain so severe in my right groin, I routinely put myself on bedrest. Another complication of pregnancy, I was told.

After delivery of my second child, with gnarly varicose veins and a purple-colored right foot, I started seeking medical treatment. Suspicious of something deep in my pelvis, I requested imaging of more than my legs. Nothing abnormal found. I started vein treatments on my legs. But, the twisted blue-green veins kept coming back. In addition to the painful veins, I had heavy menstrual bleeding, and among other symptoms, a bloated heaviness in my pelvis that was getting worse.

I journeyed through eight doctors in four years, finding myself awake on an operating table twice for a pelvic venogram in which I was called to identify my pain to justify treatment.

Shaken and dispirited, I came to Dr. Spencer with both ovarian veins embolized due to severe pelvic venous disease. My pelvic symptoms persisted. And, a lover of Yoga, I often complained of sacral pain radiating down my left leg. I started to resist stepping onto my mat because it simply had become too painful.

I was always enough and never too much for Dr. Spencer and her team. They spent hours listening to my tale, pouring over medical records, viewing and re-reviewing imagining. During my procedure with Dr. Spencer, she identified the root of my problems: A severe May-Thurner pinch. Dr. Spencer placed a stent in my left iliac vein to resolve the pinch and treated the remaining venous insufficiency in my legs. Dr. Spencer and her team gave me wings.